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Dr. Lori
Dr. Lori, Board Certified Family Physician
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I have been experiencing morning headaches, nausea, hot

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I have been experiencing morning headaches, nausea, hot flashes,slight weight loss and insomnia for about 5 weeks now. On waking I have very dry mouth and eyes.


This is quite a mixture of symptoms- and they all came on at once?

I have a few questions:

1) Are you still menstruating (rule out hot flashes from perimenopause)?

2) Do you have headches during the day/night as well?

3) How much did you weigh, and how much lost?

4) Do you get simple hot flash, or do you sweat and get wet?

5) Do you have any diarrhea?

6) Any palpitations?

&) Can you describe insomnia? Do you fall asleep and wake up early, or can't fall asleep?

8) When does the nausea come? What makes it better/worse?

9) Have you had any labwork at all?

10) Any thyroid conditions in family?

11) Do you snore loudly?

12) Anything happen 5 weeks ago that might have set this off?

13)Dry mouth and eyes lasts how long in the AM?

14) Other medical conditions?

15) Other medicines?

16) Do you feel hot when everyone else is ok?

If you can answer these for me, I an give you a much more specific and appropriate answer!

I will be back on in the late morning.

Thank you!

My best--

Customer: replied 7 years ago.

1. yes still menstruating but last about 2weeks or don't happen at all.

2.The headache starts on waking accompanied with a hangover feeling and dry eyes and mouth. I take paracetamol and that takes the edge off.

3.Weight was 63kilos and now 60kilos

4.I get a hot flash that lasts from 40secs to about 2 mins with no wettness but sweating

5.No diarrhoea

6.yes palpitations

7.fall asleep and wake early sometimes 4am. Also have had a lot of night terrors recently where i truely believe there is someone in the room and things crawling on the bed. Always at night and my husband tells me the next day what i said or was sreaming about.

8.Nausea is all the time but when headache is not there nausea abates.

9. labs being carried out areFSH, LH, oestrogen, progesterone, chol/TG/HDL, E/lft's, iron,STUD/FERRITIN, B12/folate, TSH, FBC/ESR, glucose and urinary metanephrimine screen.

10.No thyroid history.

11.I don't snore but have woken myself up recently with a little snore when been on my back.

12.My sister went back to the UK then after holidaying with us in Australia

13.Dry eyes and mouth last about 2 hours currant relevant medical conditions

15.No medicines

16.I do feel hot when everyone else is ok.

I went to see my GP yesterday but as she put me down for an MRI head scan for a possible brain tumor I felt a second opionon was in order as there is no way I have a brain tumour and I haven't had no significant change in my personality.

Many Thanks


I am thinking the work up that was ordered will rule out many things-

Such as:

1) Hypo or Hyper thyroid.(temperature issues, palpitations, wt loss)

2) Perimenopause, which given your story, less likely but still possible.

Knowing when mom or sisters hit menopause can help here---

(Your hot flashes, insomnia could point this way)

3) The Esr will be a gross test for autoimmune issues...which can make you have dry mouth,eyes, and many of these other symptoms. If ESR high- let me know, I have a whole bunch of thoughts there.

But- I think there is an issue in your sleep-

AM headaches can be asign of sleep apnea, and with these night terrors, I would definitely want a sleep study. Sleep apnea usually occurs on the back!

MRI scan, huh? Well- itcan't hurt...unless it is costly for you.

Also- Headaches with nausea can be very common near meopause, so your labs will be telltale. The lower the estrogen, the more headaches (migraine) women get.

These type of headaches will give nausea, light and sound sensitivity as well.

So- rule out thyroid.

Make sure not near menopause by labs.

Check a sleep study given the terrors and AM headaches.

Check for autoimmune issues- Sjogren's gives dry eye, dry mouth etc.

You already have the ESR, I would add an ANA as well.

In the meantime, trial of a triptan medication for possible premenstrual migraine- which is much more common as we get that age! Go do the MRI , can only rule out worrisome things, could be related to nausea, and typically a tumor would not change your personality anyhow.

As far as the weight loss, the thyroid is the first to rule out- and if neg. perhpas a look for other causes. nausea may be related here- and after all f this, perhaps a look into the tummy with a camera....

Make sure your Mammo has been done, have your doc order a sleep study, and think alittle about how you feel about your sister's departure. Maybe something in that is changing your mood a bit?

So let's get that all cooking with the couple extra ideas, and see how it goes.

I have a hunch you'll be OK. Call it a gut instinct.

I will be around to answer any questions you have.

Feel free.

And- do something for you every day- that positive impact can be huge on our body's coping with anything!

I hope this was helpful for you--- Let me know how it goes!

My very best to you, and take care.....

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