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I have had a sore in my nose for several years. About a year

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I have had a sore in my nose for several years. About a year and a half ago, I had a biopsy done. The report came back as actinic keratosis. I have had the Dr. look at it since then because it doesn't seem to heal completely. He says that it is scar tissue. It seems to be getting worse and is beginning to obstruct breathing on the left side. It remains an irritation in the nasal cavity and is a source of slight pain on the left side of my face in the nasal area. I am very concerned that this could turn into cancer and it is my understanding tht actinic keratosis is a pre cancerous condition. I have also developed gum problems that is diagnosed as an immune problem. Please let me know your ideas on this. Thanks


Welcome to JA.

I understand you concern

Please, tell you what part of the nose the sore is located?

Is it ulcerated - I mean an opening to it?

Did you say that is much bigger now?

Is it painful?

I await your reply. Thanks.

Customer: replied 7 years ago.
It painful at times. It helps to use ointment. It is worse than it used to be. It is ulcered on the inside of the nose. I can see a sore on bony side of the nose inside. It feel like it is further up inside but cannot be seen. It is beginning to be more difficult to breath on the left side due to swelling. The pain seems to travel downward somewhat toward the teeth. Sometimes it seems to travel upwards toward the eye area. Does not seem to effect eyesight however. Very concerned about previous diagnosis.


Thank for your reply.

It appears that this nose lesion should to re-evaluated carefully now - it is suspicious for cancer. There needs to be a repeat biopsy. I'm surprised that your doctor had not made attempt to get you back for follow-up biopsy and examine since 1 year ago. With the pathological result of acinic keratosis ( a pre-cancerous lesion), the doctor should follow-up with the lesion closely.

I suggest that you see your doctor as soon as you can. Cancer needs to be excluded. If caught early, it would make a world of difference. Please, do not delay.

I hope this information is helphful. Please, remember to press the ACCEPT button so the I can get credit for the assist. It was a pleasure to assist. Thanks, ***** ***** bless.

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Customer: replied 7 years ago.
Would also to know if the auto immune issue with the gums could be related to the nose problem?


Thank you for your reply.

Please, can tell you about the diagnosis of the gum problem?

Is there a sore in the gum? How long ago?

Any respiratory problem in the airway or lungs?

Any kidney problem?

What medications are you taking?

I await your reply. Thanks


Please, the questions I just asked you in the previous mail would help me in analysing the relatedness of the gum problem to the growth of the nose lesion. There are few autoimmune vascular disorder that can manifest in the nose, lung and kidney.

So, your answer would help me address you last question. I just want to be complete for my answers. God bless, I await your reply.


I did not hear abck from you, so I have prepared an additional response to your question.

Since the nose lesion was biopsied and determined to be actinic keratosis, any worsening of such lesion is very suspicious. However, if you have a pre-existing auto-immune disorder, that can make the possibility of actinic keratosis growing more likely. However, it does not lessen that likelihood of the actinic keratosis been pre-cancerous. Please, this caution is not intended to sadden you, but note that this is a cureable problem if addressed early.

You raised the issue of gum problem from autoimmune problem. Detailed investigation does not support a direct relationship between the two, except that the presence of autoimmune disorder can make your body more sensitive to sunlight, which would in fact cause actinic keratosis to worsen. So, the doctor should even be more aggressive in following your actinic lesion with your history of autoimmune problem.

I trust the you will seek re-evaluation and biopsy as soon as possible. With prompt attention, you will do very well.

I have spent a good time assisting you, and I'm glad to do so.

Please, allow me to be given credit for assisting you by pressing the ACCEPT button.

Thank you so much, and God bless.

A Positive Feedback and/or Bonus is welcomed and appreciated.

This is information only and should not to substitute for the recommendation of your doctor.

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