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Dr. Singer
Dr. Singer, Board Certified Physician
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I have been having frequent urination and excessive gas for

Resolved Question:

I have been having frequent urination and excessive gas for several years now. These symptoms occurred after having unprotected sex. I have had plenty of STD tests with negative results. I have been going to an urologist for a few years with no results. I am pretty much trying to figure this out on my own. The situation is serious, impossible to have a normal life. Do you have any idea what is really causing my health problems?
Submitted: 7 years ago via HealthBoards.
Category: Medical
Expert:  Dr. Singer replied 7 years ago.

Please tell me more about your medical history, surgeries, medications and allergies and any recent lab tests including stool tests. Thank you. Dr. Singer

Customer: replied 7 years ago.

I have no allergies of my knowledge. My medical history is fine besides my frequent urination condition. I've never had frequent urination problems growing up until a few years ago. Medications I have taken include Detrol, Toviaz, Antibiotics, and plenty others that I can't remember the name of. Not one of these medications helped or even reduced the amount of times I urinate. Recent lab tests include a CT scan, a full physical with bloodwork, bloodwork done for my liver, urinalysis, and an IC sodium test. All tests resulted in no findings. On average I urinate every 30-35 minutes. At best I urinate every hour to an hour and a half, and at worst it could be every 10-15 minutes. Symptoms besides urinating frequently are minor lower to mid back pain and irritation, and lower abdomen irritation from time to time.These symptoms mostly occur after I have held my urine beyond the point of urgency. Though I am starting to wonder, I don't know if this problem has anything to do with my intestines. I have eccessive gas which includes belching eccessively. I literally feel like my eccessive gas is putting pressure on my bladder and causing most of my frequent urination problem. Two years ago I was diagnosed with Acid- reflux disease and a stomach ulcer by a digestive disease consultant. My digestive disease specialist assured me that my condition was minor. I have been fighting this exhausting battle for too long, and I am in desperate need of an answer. Thanks for your consideration and help Dr. Singer.

Expert:  Dr. Singer replied 7 years ago.

I believe your problems do have to do with the gut and the bladder. I think you have developed an imbalanced intestinal bacterial flora and need to restore some normalcy there. You can do a special GIFx test from and find out what bacteria are there and which ones are not. You will also find out inf you have an overgrowth of yeast, which I suspect, and that is causing your excessive gas which in turns pushes on your bladder. The yeast is easily chased away with probiotics like VSL3 from , 1 cap three times daily for 6 weeks. You didn't say if you had a cystoscopy done yet, but that would be reasonable to look for evidence of IC, which I suspect is present. That is nothing more than food allergies and is usually due to eating something everyday that you love (also applies to beverages). Try to pin it down that way and then get provocation/neutralization testing and treatment from a physician from the I think that will get you started in the right direction to heal this problem. Dr. Singer.

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Customer: replied 7 years ago.

Sorry, I forgot to mention I actually did have a cystoscopy done to detect Ic. The test came back negative. There were no sores or bleeding found around the lining of the bladder. I don't know if that completly rules out the possibility of Ic being the part of my bladder and gas problem, but I remember taking at least 2-3 Ic test with all negative results. I took a sodium ic test and had no urgency reaction to either of the two fluids that were placed inside of my bladder. I thought I would inform you about the Ic tests I had done, so you can have an even better insight on the cause of my problem. I can use all the help possible. Thank you for your recent reply with all the helpful information. Based on the information I have given you, do you think my condition can be solved or at least controlled so I can live a normal life?

Thank you for your patience Dr. Singer, all is appreciated.