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I have Sjogren's syndrome which causes severe R.A.,migraines

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I have Sjogren's syndrome which causes severe R.A.,migraines and pain
Icannot take the sjogren's medication because it causes extreme illness my body reject the medication after 2 or 3 days.
Also hernated disk in back and 4 bonespers in neck. Insomnis all mylife.
Are there any doctors who prescribe medical marajuna in O'ahu?
Have you discussed this issue with your primary doctor? What was his input?

Hello there

I have not heard back from you and will be offline, and wanted to give you my input. If you have indeed tried the meds you listed and have experienced adverse effects as your describe, your primary doc should be open to the idea. You can ask to be sent to a pain specialist to make sure there is no other options you can consider such as a fentanyl patch for better pain control. Regards *****

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Customer: replied 7 years ago.
My doctor sent me to a Pain Secialist - no help there I alreadyn tried everything he offered. He was more of a joke if you ask me
Customer: replied 7 years ago.

Do you know any doctors in the island of o'hau that will prescribe med. marajuana

or do I have to My reg. Doc or go to a Specialist, or to my Rhumotoligist


sorry for the late reply. I am not aware of any doctors in particular as I am in california. Basically any MD can prescribe this if they are comfortable with it, most are not. There are physicians who are well known for prescribing medicinal marijuana and they can be contacted through the marijuana dispensing stores. I particularly do not condone the use of such services as the physicians may be very leniant in their judgement but it seems you are one who may actually need it and it may be appropriate to seek the services of such a physician. I hope this helps, Dr. Stevens