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I have watery diarreah, nausea, vomiting and stomach upset. Help

Resolved Question:

I have stomach upset and watery diarrhea, nausea, severe stomach and intestinal pain, weak muscles, fatigue, and headache. I cannot eat anything without having diarrhea afterwards and nausea. As soon as I go, I am hungry again, but afraid to eat.

Submitted: 7 years ago.
Category: Medical
Expert:  Internist replied 7 years ago.


Thank you for your question. You most likely have a viral gastroenteritis, which is a viral infection ( most often caused by norovirus in adults ) of the stomach and intestines. This may cause nausea, vomiting, and an upset stomach. It may also cause lower abdominal cramps and diarrhea. Viral infections of the G.I. tract will usually resolve within 48-72 hours, however some infections may last up to one week. It is most important during this illness that you maintain hydration. You must drink plenty of fluids. Clear fluids such as clear juices, the syrup juice from canned fruit, or electrolyte drinks (ie. Gatorade) are best. Also Jello and broth may be taken. Do this until you stop vomiting. If you are hungry then you may eat toast, plain rice, or crackers. Then you may progress to the BRAT diet (banana, rice,apple sauce, Toast ).To treat the nausea and vomiting or upset stomach, if present, you may ask your doctor for Compazine. For diarrhea you may take over-the-counter Imodium or Lomotil as long as no toxin or bacterial infection is suspected. If your symptoms persist for longer then a week or if you develop high fevers or have bloody diarrhea you must see your doctor immediately. While you are sick try to maintain good hygiene with careful hand washing and not sharing your personal items with others as this is how this infection is spread.

I hope you feel better.

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Customer: replied 7 years ago.

But I have had diarrhea for almost four weeks now and the problem has not resolved. This morning I ate 3 tablespoons of plain oatmeal and got so sick that I thought I was going to vomit, mouth was watering and extreme nausea, but wound up having watery forcefull diarrhea instead. I could not decide if I should bend over or lay down but it was too painful to stand up straight. I had the oatmeal at 10 am, and even after going to the bathroom my stomach is still descended and making all kinds of loud noises. It is now 4:10pm and I have not eaten anything but a few saltines in the meantime and my stomach is still as loud as this morning.

Expert:  Internist replied 7 years ago.

This still sounds like an infection. I assume that they did a stool for culture and parasites when they checked you for C. difficile. If they did not you certainly need to have that done immediately. 2 weeks is unusually long for a viral infection although it is still possible. If you have had the above tests done and you need to have a colonoscopy to see if you have an inflammatory bowel disease. If you are as sick as you described you should see a gastroenterologist before one week's time.

Customer: replied 7 years ago.
They did take a stool sample and I tested negative for C-diff, but I do not think they checked for anything else (like parasites). My MD memtioned that the ER did not even check for blood in the stool. So I think they only checked for C-diff. Also the first two weeks of my illness started off with all the classic flu like symtoms, MD thought I had formed an upper respritory infection which I was given 500mg of a strong antibiotic Leviquin, so this is why it was assumed I had c-diff. They went ahead and gave me antibiotics for the C-diff which I held off on taking until I received the results of the stool sample. How do I get the Dr to see me sooner?
Expert:  Internist replied 7 years ago.

Call and ask the receptionist that she can fit you in any sooner.