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I have had stinging pain in my stomach/abdomen area, usually

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I have had stinging pain in my stomach/abdomen area, usually on the very right hand side, but also sometimes on the very left hand side, both quite low down. I've had this for around 1 week and am now starting to feel some back pain also, upper back mainly, is there any cause for concern?
how long have you had the pain? can you describe it ? scale of 1-10 , 10 the worst please rate the pain. when does it get better or worse? do you have any health problems or on any medications?
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
The pain has lasted for about 5-7 days, I can't be exactly sure. Seems the pain is tolerable, only a 5/10 in terms of pain. I haven't had pain like this before, its more like a stinging pain than anything else. Pain seems to increase when I sleep, this is because I usually sleep with my knees curled up towards my stomach, the pain eases when I position myself straight again.

I have no real medical conditions, other than suffering with something called lprd (form of acid reflux), of which I don't take medication for.

My only hunch is that it is some kind of ulcer, or even constipation, for some reason I can't remember the last time I relieved my bowels, might be nothing to do with it though!
Can you pinpoint the pain to be above or below your belly button? Do you experience gas?
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
I'd definitely pin point it below my belly button. I experience some gas, yes, but the stinging pain is usually to the left or right, hardly ever in the center.
any vomiting, nausea ? Do you drink alcohol? If so did you recently do any heavy drinking? any fever ? Does it hurt more when you press on your stomach?
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
I did have a heavy drinking last saturday night, I drunk too much for sure and vomitted in the early hours of sunday morning. Last week I was suffering with a bad cold, but I didn't have a fever, just lots of catarrh, which I'm still trying to clear from my throat (slowly improving). I don't get any pain when I push my stomach, strange huh. The pain isn't contant either, I still can't pin point when that stinging pain is worst, when I really think about it, its probably worst when my posture is poor. I'm a slim-medium build, reasonably healthy I'd like to think.
A few thoughts I have about you and could be several possibilities.
Most likely it has to do with the last alcohol binge that you had a week ago. Some things to worry about are 1) pancreatis which is an inflammation of your pancreas which would cause stomach pain and radiate to the back.
2) Irritation to your stomach lining from alcohol and you could be at a risk of an ulcer
3) Gallstones- drinking can cause a risk of gallstones and the pain can spread to the upper back often accompanied by vomiting.
4) since you recently had what sounds to be like a viral infection, this may very well be taking its course and resulting in the symptoms you are currently having.
5) constipation can also produce stomach pain if you have not had a bowel movement in several days.
I would recommend that you seek medical care and have proper blood work to rule out some of these possibilities. Until then keep yourself well hydrated and avoid any alcohol which may exacerbate your condition.
If you have any further questions let me know. Otherwise please click "accept" so that I can be compensated for my work. thank you
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