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I have soreness around my heart area and just went to the hospital

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I have soreness around my heart area and just went to the hospital last week and they checked out my heart and all is well with it. It did hurt when the nurse poked the probe for the ultrasound into my chest and around my heart area. Any ideas why I am sore?
Are you still having tenderness when you actually press on the chest wall itself?

Does it also hurt if you twist left and right?
Do you have pain if you take in a deep breath as well?
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
No, it comes and goes. It feels sometimes like there is a pressure or a warm feeling around my heart area. At the moment it doesn't hurt, but it has off and on for the past 2 weeks. A week ago I had a couple of sharp pains in my heart area and that is when I went to the hospital. They said it could be muscular skelatal, but wouldn't that be there more consistently?
Well, a musculoskeletal strain could be a reason for sharp pains, and doesn't have to be there more consistently, but yes, it probably would be there more consistently.

Certainly a reason for this could be inflammation between the ribs and the cartilage of the sternum, a condition called costochondritis:

and is often the cause of chest wall pain or tenderness that can be mistaken for heart related chest pains.

So the fact that you did seem to have tenderness with the ultrasound probe at that time, and the sharp pains in that area could mean there is inflammation and pain that is intermittent.
Customer: replied 7 years ago.

Would this also at times feel like the pressure on my heart and a warmness?


Do you think I should continue to take the acid reflux medicine my family doctor gave me trying to rule this out? I don't want to take the pills if that is not the problem.


The soreness isn't just around the sturnum area. Is it mostly in that area?

Taking the acid reflux medicine is helpful, because it will help with they symptoms of acid reflux, and if it does improve over a couple of weeks, it could be helpful in that diagnosis. If you don't notice any changes then, you'd probably be ok stopping the medication.

Soreness can be over the front of the chest wall. And certainly, other musculoskeletal strain can occur anywhere in the chest wall.

But the pressure on the heart and warmness sensation does sound more like possible acid reflux symptoms. The sharper pains seem more musculoskeletal.

And so, this may take some time to figure out. The good news is that the most concerning cause of these pains -- heart issues -- has been ruled out by your doctors.
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