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I have a weird feeling on the left side of my abdomen it

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i have a weird feeling on the left side of my abdomen it feels like my intestine is folded, i've been suffering constipation for years! i am only 25 years old. I do admit my constipation could be cause of my lack of knowledge in food..recently i started to do coffee enema i do get a full bowel movement with the help of enema but my pain is still there! also the pain carries to the back to where normally i get pain during my menstrual cycle..I am confused! scared I hope I don't have cancer! I don't see blood in my stool though but yes full of mucous..(eww) If I take metamucil for fiber and do enema then I get weird looking discharge (shape of colon) and sometimes rubbery looking, What should I do?

Hello & Welcome to Just Answer,

For how long are you having these problems?

What all tests have been done? Has colonoscopy been done?

Do you get belching/ abdominal bloating/ gas/ abdominal cramps?

Are you taking enough fibres in diet?

What about water/ fluids?

Are you taking any medicines? Supplements of Calcium/ iron/ etc?

When was you last gynaecological check? Was it normal?

Any nausea/ vomiting?

Any other medical issues/ significant history?

Thanks. Shall be waiting for your reply.

Customer: replied 7 years ago.
It wasn't as bad! but i just had one terrible constipation a month or two ago and boom it felt like my intestinal wall was scratched or something, I feel like I haven't passed bowel fully,I haven't done ay tests..I have been soo busy with my work didn't pay attention to my health at all, I ate too much outside food soy sauce, msg, mayo..etc
I am not taking supplements but recently I started to take probiotic pills.
I haven't done colonoscopy, I do get occasional gas, bloating and abdominal cramp,
Fiber in my diet I am recently trying to eat veggies a lot, trying to avoid meat..
Gladly I don't feel nauseous or vomit..I drink a lot of water but I feel severly dehydrated, I leave my windows open also got a humidifier hooked in my room, I don't really have any other medical issues, but let's say if I try to reach something from top i feel pain..

Thanks for all the additional details. Having gone through your descriptions, I think that we might be dealing with the possibility of IBS (irritable bowel syndrome) as you have been having these symptoms for some years now. Please have a look at this web resource which provides authentic details about this condition:

That said, since you’ve also mentioned of the feeling of intestine being folded on the left side, it would be best to get it checked up ASAP for a possible ‘volvulus’.

Please have a look at this web resource which provides details about this condition:

I hope that it helps. Best wishes. Kindly feel free to enquire if you have any remaining concerns or doubts and it would be my privilege to try helping you as much as I can.

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