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Dr. Chauhan
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Reduced air in bottom part of right lung been feeling unwell

for past few months i... Show More
for past few months i am 50 year old smoker
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Hello & Welcome to Just Answer,

Have you been losing weight?

Any sputum in cough/ night sweats/ glands or nodes in the body?

How many cigarettes have you been smoking daily?

How was it concluded/ known that you have reduced air in bottom part of right lung?

What all tests/ investigations have been done?

Any other symptoms?

Any other medical issues/significant history?

Thanks. Shall be waiting for your reply.

Customer reply replied 7 years ago.

i have only lost a few pounds in weight due to not havinga good appetite,

i have a sputem of brown which ive had for the last few years,

i have a temperture at this time the doctor at the clinic said,

i smoke 10 a day

ive had a chest xray done about 5-6 weeks ago,they said it was fine and also said my chest was clear they said my oxygen levels are fine.only 2 doctors have picked up on the fact that my right lung is not getting any air into the bottom part.

ive been feeling unwell now for about 3 months with it and it slightly hurts where i feel something is stuck there and it wont move and feel im not getting enough air in sometimes struggle for breath..i have osteoperoses and acid reflux.sometimes my liver doesnt work properly then it rights itself.ive been asthmatic since i was 21 yrs old always been well under control i know its not that causing the problem,ive had bronchitis a few times. thank you i await your reply.

Thanks for the additional details. Having gone through your description, I feel that we might be dealing with these possibilities:

(a) Atelectasis. Please have a look at this web resource for further information:

(b) Emphysema because of being a chronic smoker.

(c) Acid reflux may at times cause worsen lung fibrosis/ asthma/ chronic cough.

a possible iliohypogastric nerve problem, which might be pinched/ entrapped/ irritated.

Having said that, since you have been a chronic smoker, there might be a probability of a growth/ node compressing/ obstructing on the bronchioles and this possibility must be ruled out as well by a CT/ MRI. Bronchoscopy may also help. I think that it would be prudent to check in with your doctor/ hospital, so that the cause may be established and an appropriate care provided.

I hope that it helps. Best wishes. Kindly feel free to enquire if you have any remaining concerns or doubts and it would be my privilege to try helping you as much as I can.

Customer reply replied 7 years ago.
ive already had chest xrays done a few weeks ago but they said it was clear so i think i can rule out the Atelectasis,also emphysema as my oxygen levels are ok to, so i think it may be a growth as i cant get air all the way down to the bottom of my lung do you think this may be a cancer growth,cause i dont feel any improvement with all the steroids and antibiotics i have had and still im takeing,what do you think i should do about this as im just being fed these medications i feel im being flobbed of,and if its a cancer growth whats my chances of survival.please answer thank you

Please hold on and kindly don’t jump to conclusions. Yes, cancer could be a probability, but there are so many other benign things and conditions, for example mucus plugs, that could restrict air entry. Since you have been a smoker and at you age of 50 now, with a chronic lung problem, CT scan would be a better option rather than the X-rays and this could be followed up by bronchoscopy if needed. Sputum analysis may also shed some light.

I hope that it helps. Best wishes.

Customer reply replied 7 years ago.
Can i just ask you one more question please,if it was mucus plugs wouldnt it have cleared by now with all the medications ive had and are still takeing i appreciate your help doctor i am so gratefull.thank you

Thanks. At times, some plugs may have to be seen and removed.

I hope that it helps. Best wishes.