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I was in the ER over the weekend and had a "low-voltage EKG"

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I was in the ER over the weekend and had a "low-voltage EKG" What does that mean? I have been having problems breathing, chest pains (which they automatically diagnosed as GERD and an anxiety attack) dizziness, off-balance, and edema (especially in my legs and mid-section), and extreme exhaustion. I forgot to mention blood in the urine - but no infection.
Hello.LOw voltage ECG refers to the amplitude/height of the QRS complex seen in the ECG.There are various causes of such ECGs.They include Hypothermia,Obesity,Amyloidosis,Hypothyroidism,Cardiomyopathy constrictive and restrictive,Pericardial effusion due to infections and other causes,Pneumothorax,Kawasaki Disease,Myocarditis,Angina,Acute Myocardial Infarction,Alcoholism,Addisons Disease,Pituitary Disease,COPD, and MYocardial FIbrosis.A Echocardiography would be integral to follow ups on low voltage ECGs.A low voltage ECG in isolation does not say very much.Other investigations like Haemogram,X-Ray Chest ,blood Sugar,Lipid profile and other investigations in conjunction with the physical findings will lead to a diagnosis.The treatment will be specific to the diagnosis.Blood in the urine needs to be investigated separately.The likelihood of related infections like Tuberculosis is there.
Customer: replied 7 years ago.

Dr. Aren,

I am significantly overweight, but previous ECG's have always been normal (even as soon as 2 weeks ago). I have always thought I had a thyroid problem, but the tests come back normal. Other than the general TSH blood test, is there other ways to check the thyroid -- as it would answer a lot of my problems.

The other tests for thyroid functions would include Free T4,Thyroid Binding Globulin,Reverse T3,T3 resin Uptake,Thyroid Peroxidase antibodies,Thyroglobulin antibodies,Thyroid Stimulating Immunoglobulis.Imaging may be by Nuclear ScansRadioactive Iodine Uptake tests,CT scans,Ultrasound for nodular goitres and MRI Scans,.Fine needle Aspiration Cytology may help diagnosis.Others will be Iodine Patch tests,Saliva testing and Basal Metabolic rate testing would also give information..
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