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I have a very hot patch on the top of my head, its where a

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i have a very hot patch on the top of my head, its where a baby has the soft bit in there skull . i have quite a comlicated medical history. have you ever heard of this being associated with cushings syndrome. i look up a site with cushings symptoms tonight and i seem to have a lot of them and it would actually explaine most of my medical history. bit worried, dont know if you can help but thanks anyway, kerry
Can you please mention all the symptoms you have,as you said that ,they fit in a clinical criteria of cushing?
Please explain your medical history?
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
i have what they say is heparin induced osteoperosis due to a dvt in pregnancy, 6 wedge and compression fracures of my spine. i have graves disease, thyroid eye disease. it took the hospital 7 years loads of drugs and 2 lots of radio active iodine to get my throide to stable but i still have all the symptoms, hot flushs,sweaty palms, tremors , ect. i also suffer the most horrible night sweats, puffy eye, joint pain, sholder and hip pain.terrible pain in my tendons. feel really hot all the time, depression. i had a migrane for about 4 years thats now treated with drugs so i now just have a constant sore head (on the hot patch) and much milder migranes. i have problems with my nose being blocked up most of the time. i had a scan of my thyroid because they thought i might have thyroid cancer becase i had a hot spot on my thyroid and found have one side of my thyroide is bigger than the other. im so tired and feel weak all the time. cronic constipation or the other way around. ive also just been dignosed with pmdd so they think i have problems with my hormones. sorry its so much. feel as if all my doctors are a bit lots at what to do and some have admitted to being a bit confused as to were to go next. sorry kerry.
what did your last thyroid tests showed?were they normal?please mention that too.
have you gained weight?
are you have regular menses?
Customer: replied 7 years ago.

my consultant said he couldnt have been more pefect. its now been stable for about 8 months.

when i was diagnosed i put on three stone in the first 6 month. my weight is kind of all over the place still. in a month i can put on nearly a stone or lose it just as not sure what you mean by menses sorry. ifs it my period there all over the place. i can have a period for a month solid or have two periods in a month. or just normal, i never know what it going to be like. i never suffered with pmt until my graves disease started. finally it got so bad i blacked out and tried to commit suicide. a specialist at the hospital put me on a drug to stop me ovulating. ive been on it for about 3 month and it kept my mood a bit more stable and made my periods much lighter but still all over the place.


I am sorry to know about your symptoms,

Based on what you mentioned there could be a possibility that your symptoms could be due to cushing ,so you should ask your physician also 24 hr urine cortisol test or dexamethasone supression test to confirm this possibility.
Ask your physician also to check for urine metanphrine and urine catecholamine levels to rule out any blood pressure fluctuations which could lead to hot spot as you mentioned in your head.
Ask your physician also to do Free t4 test as sometimes serum TSH and t4 which is total t4 comes out to be normal but free t4 may be less which could also lead to similar symptoms like weight gain and irregular menses.
Wish you best of health and happiness.
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Customer: replied 7 years ago.
thank you so much for listening. i think ill pop in to see my edocronologist tomorrow if he can see me. i feel like a bit of a hypocondriact but all these symptoms are ruining my quality of life. i read the cushing symptoms on the list and it looks like it was writtten about me. if its not that then i think it about time they try to find out what is the matter with me. many thanks again, kerry
Your welcome


Dr Bassi