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Would it be possible for a gp to make an error that involved

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would it be possible for a gp to make an error that involved sending child protection officers to a family without cause ;
It is DEFINITELY possible to make such an "error". The law in most areas requires MD's to report even a SUSPICIAN of child abuse; NOT to wait until they are sure. SO many times such reports are closed as false alarms. I have reported cases to child protection many times; sometimes there was an obvious problem and sometimes I just didn't know (and was wrong)
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Customer: replied 7 years ago.
what i cant understand if the md did not see the child at all how could he report anything was amiss
You didn't say that in your initial post but it is still possible. Again, the REQUIREMENT is that the MD err on the side of OVER-reporting. Better (from the viewpoint of the government) to call 10 "false alarms" rather than take a chance of MISSING a single real case. He can (very quickly) lose his license to practice medicine if even ONE case turns out to be child abuse that he neglected to report!
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