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I am experiencing a hot feeling in my left arm, between my

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I am experiencing a hot feeling in my left arm, between my shoulder and elbow. It lasts 30-60 seconds and occurs several times each day. I have had this feeling for the part week or so. There is no pain associated with the feeling.
Does anything bring it on, like neck movement?
Does it happen when you are doing any physical activity?
Is the feeling mostly in the back of the arm?
Customer: replied 8 years ago.
Nothing brings it on - it feels like a long hot flash. Does not seem to be related to physical activity - today it happened a few times while I was at work, and tonight when I was eating dinner. The feeling is mostly on the outside/front - I don't feel anything on the back. As I am typing this, I notice a little stiffness in the spot of the heat - don't remember feeling that before.
There are a couple of possibilities. It does not sound like your symptoms are exertional.
Your doctor needs to rule out a pinched nerve in the neck or area of inflammation in the spinal cord which can be done with an MRI of your cervical spine. If this test is negative, I suggest you have a brain MRI to rule out inflammation in the brain tissue.
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