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Does the amount of semen get less as a man ages? The man I

Customer Question

Does the amount of semen get less as a man ages? The man I am talking about just turned 46. When I mentioned this to a friend, they asked if he was having an affair because that will cause less semen. Now I feel confused. I have tried to talk to him about the reason he might have less semen, but he gets mad, or says it is because he is older. Could you shed some light on this subject so I will know if I should be concerned or not. We have always had an active sex life, but not as much anymore.
Submitted: 7 years ago.
Category: Medical
Expert:  Dr. P. Jyoti replied 7 years ago.
semen does decrease with age.

This can occur both due to an actual decrease in production and more likely due to decrease in ejaculatory force.

Decreased ejaculatory force is often a normal temporary phase which passes off soon.

As we grow older, the ejaculatory force also decreases naturally.

Some other conditions which could cause such weakening are increased sex, too infrequent sex, (two or three times a week is ideal), stress, inadequate sexual interest in partner, etc.

So simply from decreased semen, it is not at all possible to make a judgement of this nature as it could also very likely be due simply to increased age.

The best way is to maintain a healthy lifestyle, by avoiding smoking specially, having a low cholesterol and exercising regularly. All these steps help to keep the circulation normal and help in ejaculation. Taking adequate fluids so that the person is well hydrated is also necessary. Kegel's exercises will also help the person to have a strong orgasm and ejaculation.

Three supplements that are believed to help in this are Zinc Oxide, Arginine and Lysine.

You can look up here:

For Kegel.s exercises: Link

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Customer: replied 7 years ago.
I wish I could say that I am satified with the answer, but I did not learn anything I didn't already know. I am disappointed because I am once again left in the dark about how the man's penis ages and the amount of ejaculation.
Expert:  Dr. P. Jyoti replied 7 years ago.
No definite figures for the amount of semen according to age can be given.

There are no statistics for that.

This is because this is so highly variable. It is variable between different persons and also between the same person at different times.

So I am afraid a definite figure for the amount of semen he should be producing cannot be given, simply because there are no definite figures for that.

However, I am opting out so that other experts on the site can help you, please hold on.