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What causes a burning sensation all over the body,chills,

Resolved Question:

what causes a burning sensation all over the body,chills, hot flashes in a 35 year old, noted especially after sex with someone who is HIV negative?
Submitted: 7 years ago.
Category: Medical
Expert:  FamilyMD replied 7 years ago.
There are several possible diagnoses:
1. Hypothyroidism--if the thyroid is low
2. Premature menopause--are you starting to have irregular periods?
3. Infection--could be an STD, even if the person was HIV negative, you could get another sexually transmitted disease.
What you need to do:
1. Get TSH, free T4 blood tests
2. Get FSH and LH tests for premature menopause
3. Get CBC with diff and GC/Chlamydia swab for STD testing and infection
Please see your primary care doctor for the above tests and personal evaluation. Thank you.
Dr. P.
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
I did a HIV test and also a full panel work up for all STDs. I also thought of hypothyroidism and premature menopause, but this is my concern - symptoms definitely are correlated with sex with this individual. I even tried to have him pull out once, but I still had the symptoms after. Is there such a thing as sexual incompatibility?...for whatever reason???
Expert:  FamilyMD replied 7 years ago.
Given that you are having actual physical symptoms, I don't think this is incompatibility. It would be facetious to say you are allergic to him:) Anyways, lets look at hypothyroidism, infection, and premature menopause. You may have some type of viral infection, that is not HIV, but a CBC blood test will tell us if it is likely bacterial or viral. Please get checked out. Thanks!
Dr. P.
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