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Can my gynecologist prescribe an abortion pill?

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Can my regular OB GYN prescribe the abortion pill?

The abortion pill is actually a combination of two medications Yes it can and should be prescribed by an OBGYN because there are special tests that need to be done after taking the medications. The pregnancy hormonal (HCG) levels need to be followed and an exam may be needed.
Hope this helps.

Customer: replied 7 years ago.

Ok, I should have worded that better. Would I HAVE to go to an abortion clinic or would my regular gyno be able to prescribe it. I live in Florida and I see a nurse practitioner. I am sure I could go to an actual OBGYN if need be, but I really want to avoid going to an abortion clinic. I had a horrible experience at one when I was raped at 21 and I really don't ever want to have to go back to one. I am not even sure I am pregnant yet, but just worried. I am supposed to start my period any day, I have cramping and light pink discharge and my breasts have been a little achy all day.

I am sorry to hear about your previous history and can understand your reluctance to going to an abortion clinic. Most OBGYN are familiar with using these medications but may not want to prescribe it or follow patients due to personal reasons or because of the close follow up and time needed to ensure the safety. So you will need to ask your OBGYN if they do medical abortions, some do not.
Hope this helps.

Customer: replied 7 years ago.

Well, I am hoping that this is my period getting here. I am just really worried. I used protection but it failed (broken condom) and unfortunately it was right around the time I should have been ovulating. I know I should have taken PlanB but I didn't, I feel like an idiot. Now is NOT the time in my life to be having a child and the person I was with is NOT someone that I would ever want a child with. With the symptoms I told you about what do you think the chances are I am pregnant? First day of my last period was the first or second of this month and the incident occurred on the 17th. And would medical abortion be an option if I were pregnant?

Well if you have 28 day menstrual cycles then the 14 would be around ovulation. So yes you could be pregnant based on the LMP. Your symptoms could be premenstrual or due to pregnancy. However you would only be 4 weeks pregnant so you would be a good candidate for medical abortion.

Hope this helps.

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