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I'm having crawling, biting feelings all over my body (like

Resolved Question:

I'm having crawling, biting feelings all over my body (like bugs crawling on me) but never see any bugs. I thought my cat may have given us a flea infestation because she is scratching more, but I've seen no fleas. It sometimes feels like something is biting me, but it never itches as in a ant or mosquito bite. What could be wrong? Could there be something my cat has that could be on me or am I just looking for the cat to be the problem when she isn't?
Submitted: 8 years ago via HealthBoards.
Category: Medical
Expert:  Dermadoc replied 8 years ago.
what part of your body do you have the itching more? does everyone in the family have it? does the itching increase at night? does it involve more of your arms, thighs , abdomen, chest, all the areas the cat would have come into contact with?
Customer: replied 8 years ago.
My arms and legs are the areas that I feel it most, but I feel it everywhere at times. My husband does not have any symptoms. It does not seem worse at night necessarily, but it does seem worse when I lay down, although that may just be because I am still.
Expert:  Dermadoc replied 8 years ago.
what i feel you have is scabies. we can call it animal scabies, since your cat also has it.
we need to treat all your family members and the cat along with you.
application of 5 % permethrin cream from neck to toe, after a scrub bath, only on one night, keeping it overnight, wash off nxt morning and wash off the bedclothes in hot water and iron them. there can be a second application in a similar manner 10 days later. no application required between these two applications needed.
ntihistaminic tablet like fexofenadine to relieve the itching, calamine lotion from the next day on the body to soothe the itching.
scabies is a ping pong infection. if we dont treat all family members at the same time, it can keep going from one to the other and then back to the same person.
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