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I have noticed an enlarged blood vessel in my right temple

Resolved Question:

I have noticed an enlarged blood vessel in my right temple and right forehead area that is visible and enlarged for two days. I take Crestor, Lovasa, 81 mg Aspirin. Just started Lovasa last week. Also had a Nuclear Stress Test 2 weeks ago and a CT Angiogram 3 weeks ago. Blood pressure is good and pulse rate is typically 50 at rest. 30 minute treadmill daily along with meduim weightlifiting for general conditioning. Any thoughts ?
Submitted: 7 years ago.
Category: Medical
Expert:  Dr. Salar replied 7 years ago.
well alot of people will have prominent vessel on the temple. if this is somthing new for you then it is likely to be phlebitis/ inflammation of the vessel. this requires use of medicines like advil/a leeve to settle inflammation. also important to rule out clot formation( though lesslikely) . please see your doctor for confirmation and apply warm compress to the area.
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