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i coughed so hard that something popped in my side that put

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i coughed so hard that something popped in my side that put me to knees and now it hurts to breathe or cough what could i have done
Can you explain exactly where the pop was? Directly in the middle of the chest?
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
left side toward the back more than the front feels like possibly a rib if i hold pressure against my ribs it is bearable to cough but no too hard...coughing hard is very painful no matter what i try
Unlikely that you broke a rib - but you could have irritated the pleura of the lung and this can hurt, and quite painfully so and the treatment is supportive for this (called pleurisy) and treatment is motrin for the pain. However, I would recommend a chest x-ray just in case there is some trauma there. But, even if a rib is fractured - there really is not treatment other than not getting too physical such as lifting heavy objects. I hope this helps, take care.
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