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Dr. Cameron
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I am having sharp pains in the left groin area and my left

Resolved Question:

I am having sharp pains in the left groin area and my left side. It is not a steady hurt, but comes and goes. It has been for 3 days now. From the lymph node area to my ovary if I had one. I had a hysterectomy in 1980.
Submitted: 7 years ago.
Category: Medical
Expert:  Dr. Cameron replied 7 years ago.
Any other medical problems or medications? Any fevers or vomiting? Any diarrhea? Any black stool or bloody stool? When was your last bowel movement? How old are you?
Customer: replied 7 years ago.

Did you get my reply? My connection failed.

Expert:  Dr. Cameron replied 7 years ago.
No I did not get any reply. I am waiting for you.
Customer: replied 7 years ago.

Did you get my reply? My connection failed. No other problems. Currently taking premarin, nexium, zoloft and synthroid. No bloody stools, etc. Last bowel movement was this afternoon. Pains are not constant and did not have them this morning. They started again this afternoon. They last only a few seconds, but are getting sharper.

Expert:  Dr. Cameron replied 7 years ago.
Are you passing any gas (this is normal)? Do you feel nauseated at all? Where exactly is the pain?
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
Left side of low stomach..closer to the area of the groin. Some gas........but not all the time for the last 3 days. No nausea.
Expert:  Dr. Cameron replied 7 years ago.
Thanks for the additional information. Well, I took everything you said into account- your age, your previous surgery, your medications and the description of the pain.

Unfortunately, there are a number of possibilities for this, some of which could be concerning. In specific, this could be an inflammation or infection of the colon, called diverticulitis (diagnosed by CT scan and treated by antibiotics), kidney stone (diagnosed by CT scan and treated with hydration and pain meds), bowel obstruction (diagnosed by CT scan and treated with either decompression with a nasogastric tube and hydration or sometimes surgery) or gas. Now this can certainly be gas pains. However, if you presented to my ER, I would do a complete blood panel on you- including complete blood count, chemistries, urinalysis. As well, I would do an xray of your abdomen- this can tell me if you have a bowel obstruction (a large one). But if you are feeling better with some fluids and some pain meds, I would send you home to follow up with your doctor in 24 hours for a recheck. However, if you did not feel any better or if you had any lab abnormalities indicating infection, I would get a CT scan. To be honest, this is gettting worse and not better and is happening more frequently. I would see your doctor first thing in the am. If you cannot see your doctor, then you need to go to the ER. Of course, if you get any worse tonight, you should go to the ER right away.

Warm regards

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