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I am 54 years old and still have some menstrual bleeding one

Resolved Question:

I am 54 years old and still have some menstrual bleeding one in 3 months sometimes very heavy sometimes just a little ,sometimes for just two days sometimes for more ther seven days.This is going for a bout 2 years.I did pap test every year and is came negative.I use to have one IUD for 10 years and DR took out about one and half year ago.I was exam by my OBG Dr in July 2008 and she told me that everything is look ok.I went to the OBG Dr one month ago and he told me that is not normal to have menstrual period or bleeding after 51.He took exam and told me that my uterus is look little enlarge.He order ultra sound and he did pap test.After 7 days he call me with results of PAP that came back negative and that I have infection and gave me and my husband to take 2 pills of Metronidazole 500ml. To day Dr office call me and shedule for endromentral biopsy and Dr assistant explain to me that on the Ulta sound my uterus lining is thickened and my uterus is little large.I am very worry why he is ordering that test is it sing of endometrial cancer is it always in case like my cancer.What is going to be result.Biopsy is going to be on Septembar 15th and I am in panic.

Thank you very much for your ansver.

Submitted: 7 years ago.
Category: Medical
Expert:  Dr PG (M.D.) replied 7 years ago.
Your Ob/gyne is right. It is not normal to have intermittent bleeding at your age. The commonest cause for this kind of bleeding is that you might be still undergoing a prolonged menopause with hormonal imbalance. But, cancer of the uterus is also the other possibility which needs to be diagnosed as soon as possible. So, in your case your doctor did a step by step evaluation. The PAP smear being negative, the possibility to be kept in mind is the cancer of the uterus. It is not absolutely sure that you are having uterine cancer. But if the ultrasound is showing thickening, then best way to rule it out is to do a biopsy. Once the biopsy shows negative result, then your symptoms can be treated based on hormonal supplements to take are of the bleeding.
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