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I have small itchy red bumps on the base of my penis. I tested

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I have small itchy red bumps on the base of my penis. I tested negtive for everything except Chlamydia a week ago and haven't had sexual contact since.

If the red bumps that you are referring to are in the pubic hair area at the base of your penis, then it is likely that they may be secondary to infection of the hair follilcle (folliculitis). Folliculitis can happen secondary to excessive friction or sweating in the area of the groin. The red bumps can also happen because of shaving in this area. Finally contact dermatitis can also cause the red bumps and the itching that you are describing. Contact dermatitis can happen secondary to any kind of irritant that comes into contact with the skin in this region. This can be secondary to soap, or creams. Chlamydia is not known to cause the type of red bumps that you are describing.


Customer: replied 7 years ago.
Does this still apply if there was a small lesion in that general area? I believe that the lesion was pretty much healed. Then, it started to itch right around where it was and then the bumps showed up. They look like they may be pus filled.

If they are itching then what I stated before still applies. However if you think they are blisters and they cause any kind of burning sensation, then herpes has to be ruled out. If the bumps do not clear in a few days, you should visit your primary care physician. You primary care physician may take cultures from the area to determine if they are indeed secondary to herpes.


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