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Does a mass in the upper pole of the kidney indicate caner?

Resolved Question:

does a mass in the upper pole of the kidney indicate caner? I just received an ultrasound report for my gallbladder which said the gallbladder was fluid filled (I have been having problems with my stomach and they believe the gallbladder is the problem - might contain sludge) but I was caught off guard when it reflected an abnormal appearance to the upper pole of the left kidney with what appears to possibly be a solid mass measuring 4 cm. I'm very concerned but I have never had any kidney problems before. Should I have a CT Scan performed and should they perform the scan with contrast? I'm allergic to the dye. I really appreciate any information you can give me.thanks
Submitted: 7 years ago.
Category: Medical
Expert:  Dr. Mark replied 7 years ago.
What happens with that dye?

Generally -- a solid mass is very concerning, as there is a high chance that it is malignant.

So getting the CT scan can help to confirm that it appears solid, and having contrast can help to give further evidence to the characteristics of the tumor.

Based on it's size, there is a greater than 80% chance of a 4cm solid kidney mass being cancerous.

Fortunately, these tend to grow slowly -- so once a solid kidney mass is identified -- your urologist will recommend surgery for 1) biopsy and 2) potential cure by removal of the tumor.
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Expert:  Dr. Mark replied 7 years ago.
Sorry -- I noticed your additional questions after I posted the initial answer here.

(You DO NOT have to press accept again -- you will be charged a second time if you do).

The sludge is thickened fluid within the gall bladder, so it could be the explanation of the ultrasound - though it's tough without actually seeing the ultrasound.

In terms of the kidney mass being a cyst -- the ultrasound should have been able to tell the difference between a solid mass, vs a fluid filled cyst. A calcified deposit typically would not have the appearance of a solid mass as well.