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Dr. Ravoof
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my blood pressure 190 over 80 heart rate 44 what should be

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my blood pressure 190 over 80 heart rate 44 what should be done & how serrious is this                   

                                    Thank you bobby

Thanks for your question.

When did you measure your blood pressure? Is it accurate? Did you repeat it for confirmation?

Any medical condition? Daily medications?
Also do you have any symptoms?
Customer: replied 7 years ago.

the doctor measured my blood pressure i asked him to check rate it was rechecked the same the doctor did cardogram & said heart would skip a beat

Blood pressure was cheecked 08/29/09 He talked to cardolist did not thank was urgent danger

Thanks for your reply.

Since you are not suffering from hypertension or taking any medication for this condition, this is most probably an acute hypertensive episode or a transient hypertension, without any signs or symptoms.

In this case, usually no immediate treatment is required, but you must have followed-up the next day for a recheck of blood pressure. In fact there is evidence that in some cases acute interventions to reduce blood pressure in an acute hypertensive episode may actually be harmful.

If you have any symptoms such as chest pain, back pain, trouble breathing, seizures, vision changes, or changes in your level of consciousness, this is an emergency, and your blood pressure must immediately reduced. If not reduced this increased blood pressure may cause target-organ damage.

Hence I strongly urge you to follow up with your doctor and have your blood pressure rechecked.

Also if you have any symptoms, you must go immediately to the emergency department.

Take care.

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