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My elderly aunt is 75 she fell off the commode & hit her

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My elderly aunt is 75 she fell off the commode & hit her head on the tub, I got her up right away, and looked for blood or swelling. There is one small red spot with a tiny bruise both are small size of a dime maybe, just a tiny swelling. This was close to an hour ago, she was laughing a little after, but she has never lost consciousness. She also has dementia so sometimes it's hard to understand her, but when she is hurting she will tell me. I have her on the couch, she hasn't been crying, she has drank something, and been talking. What should I do? Can I give her aspirin what should I watch for? When can she go to sleep? I call out her name and I will say are you ok she says yes. She acts the way she always does so I can't tell any difference. Can I put anything on it?


If she is acting "normal" for her and did not lose consciousness, observation would be fine. You can give her tylenol if she complains of pain (either by telling you or by holding her head, etc.). Ice over the bruise will limit the swelling and bruising. Remember, bruises tend to be worse the next day than they are the day of the injury.

If her behavior changes or she gets very drowsy (more than usual when she is sleepy), you should have her checked out. If not, by bedtime tonight she should be fine.

I hope this helps and thank you.

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Customer: replied 8 years ago.
It's more red then bruised she also has brain implants for parkinsons, but it was above that. I put some bactine on it, and I am giving her some aspirin. She isn't complaining at all, I just keep talking to her and she is saying what. She is acting the same as she always does. How long before I should let her sleep?


I would wait until bedtime. Does she usually take a nap? When?

Customer: replied 8 years ago.
Well with her she cat naps because she is up & down all through the night, so she usually will sleep a little all day long.


Catnaps are OK during the day. Just watch her and wake her every few hours or so.