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Hey all- I am having some symptoms that are scaring the

Resolved Question:

Hey all-

I am having some symptoms that are scaring the crap outta me. It started in 2005 with eye pain, dizziness and blurred vision, thought it was my eye glasses, went to the eye doc and he said I had BLURRED DISC MARGINS, he referred to neuro, but did not go as my insurance ran out.

Fast forword to a year ago, I started getting agonizing headaches, then about 3-4 months ago I would get uncontrolled eye movement with my RIGHT eye, not even the one that had the problem, I would get instant dizziness when I turned my eye to the right, with nausea and a feeling I was going to pass out. My upper arms and thighs seem to weigh so much and always are fatigued like I have worked them out all day, sometimes my purse feels like it weighs a ton! Jerky leg movements at night. Then I started tripping on flat surfaces, short term memory loss, a feeling of shocking in my head, and like someone was squeezing me around the waist but only pain in my back, most of my problems seem to be on my right side. My PCP referred me to neuro after my appt with him Thursday, on bottom of referral it says R/O MS when I got my med records from eye doc it says R/O pseudo tumor. My mother had MS and ultimately killed herself because of her health decline. Please let me know what you all think, any thoughts or advice would be much appreciate, I am scared. Also EXTREME fatigue!

EMT Jenn
Submitted: 7 years ago via HealthBoards.
Category: Medical
Expert:  Dr. Chan replied 7 years ago.



These are certainly scary symptoms. However, fear of an unknown is much worse than fear of a known problem.


With the initial symptoms and the finding of blurred disc margins, I agree with the eye doctor to rule out pseudotumor cerebri. With the subsequent symptoms over the past year, I agree with the working diagnosis of MS.


The best advice for you would be to go see the neurologist. You need an MRI as well as a spinal tap to rule out some of these diagnoses.


Keep in mind that pseudotumor is treatable. Keep in mind that many forms of MS are controllable with modern medications.

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