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I have an abscessed wisdom tooth, which is due to be extracted

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I have an abscessed wisdom tooth, which is due to be extracted on Thurs. I am on 500mg 4x a day of Keflex. Here is my question: While the egg sized swelling in my jaw is not getting any larger, it doesn't appear to be getting any smaller. The pain is gone except for the pressure of the abscess. I have had only 5 doses of the antibiotic so far. Is this antibiotic working or do I need something different? Thanks



It sounds like the antibiotics is working. The pain is resolved and the abscess is not larger. The abscess may take a while to shrink. An abscess has white cells and other tissue other than the bacteria in it. So even though the bacteria is being killed, the soft tissue may remain swollen for a while before it shrinks.


Good luck with your surgery.


I hope this helps and thank you.

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Customer: replied 7 years ago.
Thank you!
You're welcome.