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I keep getting this dull ache over my heart area. Every once

Resolved Question:

I keep getting this dull ache over my heart area. Every once in a while the pain start in my heart will shoot up to my head, left side neck, jaw ears. It seems to be getting progressively worse, more aching than a couple of months ago. Its getting to the point where the pain starts and my head will go fuzzy like I become dumb for a minute.
I'm 27 and recently saw a cardiologist who said my heart was pumping fine, but I have scarring all around my heart, which he couldn't explain how I had gotten. I don't do drugs, never smoked a cigarette and drink very rarely. I work in the hair industry, and I did have an series of viruses attack me in 2005. That went away only after acupuncture, but normal doctors couldn't tell me what was wrong. Should I be more con
Submitted: 7 years ago.
Category: Medical
Expert:  Dr. Dennis replied 7 years ago.
I am not sure what scar tissue around the heart means. Sorry bout that.
is there anything that is associated with this dull pain/ache?
What do you mean by a series of viruses attacking. that is unclear.

dr d
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
I'm not sure what the scar tissue means either, he just said I either had a cold around my heart at one point which I'm assuming was the series of viruses. I'm not sure either about the viruses that is just what the doctor told me. I got really sick vomiting, stomach ache, temperature, intense pain, white blood count really high, the ER i went to thought it was my appendix, they ruled out food poisoning, but it wasn't my appendix. I was in LA at the time and they couldn't figure out what was wrong. When I came home the next day I went to my primary doctor, which they couldn't tell me what was wrong only that I had a virus. Then for the next 6 months every other week I had my blood drawn and felt very ill. Dizzy, lethargic, I would pass out at work, lost weight, just was ill. They checked me for cancer, aids, viral diseases, they finally sent me to a Pathologist. No one could find anything wrong, but I was still sick. So I went to an acupuncturist and told her my symptoms. And she did her thing and I was better after a week. She gave me some herbs and I saw her 2 more times and haven't had those issues.
The dull/ ache happens all the time around where my heart is. Its waken me up from sleeping, I will be sitting studying the only time it didn't do it is when I was at the Cardiologist's office. It takes my breath away, literally, and I end up gasping for air. Its made me feel dizzy and light headed.
Expert:  Dr. Dennis replied 7 years ago.
The unfortunate thing is, that if this is related to some viral infection of the heart, the cardiologist is the only one who can help you.

Again, the story you have told is very interesting but sadly difficult to corroborate. true-true but not related....

You thing there is something wrong, and the medical community says NO.

Ok so what to do. if I was your doc, i would get on the phone and personally speak with the cardio. But that may not be your relationship w your own doc.

So here are the 2 things i would suggest.

Collect ALL you med records from the doctors you have seen/hospitals you have been in. (except acupuncture)

Then make an appt with an INFECTIOUS ds doctor. The and or option is seeing a newer cardio.

Understand that if your current blood work, sed rate etc is normal, as well as CXR, EKG, ECHO, then you have a rough road.

if your cardiac status is normal... meaning there are no signs of heart failure... then again, you have a continuing problem.

More than that i cannot --unfortunately--tellyou. This is really a situation where a doc needs to study all your records, take a detailed history and examine you.

best wishes... and good luck.

dr dennis
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