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Dr. Sophie :: Medicine & Neurology, Doctor
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Hello my wifes blood pressure was at 198 over 98 today she

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Hello my wifes blood pressure was at 198 over 98 today she is in the hospital rite now what does it mean when the blood pressure is so high also she was haveing chest pain.
The mechanism of an elevated blood pressure causing chest pain can be compared to the changes that occur when a blood pressure cuff around the arm is inflated.
The pressure within the cuff is transmitted to the arm and the blood vessels. When the pressure within the cuff becomes greater than the pressure within the artery, the artery will collapse and blood flow will stop.

Such is the case with the heart: when the blood pressure is elevated, that pressure is transmitted back to left ventricle, or large chamber which pumps blood to the body. The increase in pressure is transferred to the heart muscle itself and when pressure within the heart wall is great enough, it will cause the small coronary arteries within the muscle, that are branches and smaller in diameter than the surface coronary arteries to collapse. Therefore, blood flow within the muscle will be reduced or cease altogether, and chest pain will result.
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