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Several of the hair follicles have enlarged in my pubic region,

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Several of the hair follicles have enlarged in my pubic region, like small, solid, flesh-colored orbs above the surface. I've also grown several skin tags (soft, not discolored or sore) in the same area. I am a 41 year old male.



Greetings and welcome to justanswer,


The hair follicles are enlarged is likely to be due to the folliculitis which is infection of the hair roots.


You need to take the oral antibiotics like amoxycillin, ofloxacin, septran, cephalexin, etc for 7-10 days duration.The addition of analgesic drugs like diclofenac, ibuprofen, etc. will help in the control of the pain and inflammation.The topical application of antibiotic ointments is also recommended.


Let me know if you have any doubt.


thank you!

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Customer: replied 7 years ago.
Thanks for the fast reply. Your folliculitis assumption seems plausible, as I had recently used a flavored oil in that area which was probably a couple of years old. But I have a follow-up question.

There isn't really any pain or inflammation--just raised nodules on about 7 or 8 pubic hair follicles. And the sudden appearance of a cluster of skin tags (about 3 inches from the area of the affected hair follicles) makes me wonder if they are possibly related. I have looked at more than 100 photos of skin tags, carcinomas, and genital warts, and the skin tags most definitely look like skin tags ... but they appeared nearly at the same time as the hair follicle symptoms. As a runner, could age and friction be the cause of the skin tags, or can they be part of a folliculitis infection.

If this should be a second question, I can repost it and send it your way for an additional contribution. Also, I can submit photos if that would be helpful. Thank you for your time and efforts.

Dear mtn,


Thank you for the enquiry,


The cluster of skin tags can be the part of the infection on the local site which is spreading.


You need to take the oral antibiotics and it will control the infection and the symptoms.


The running and age is unlikely to cause such symptoms.


You may submit photos for better examination.


Let me know if you have any doubt


Thank you

Dr. RK and 4 other Medical Specialists are ready to help you