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I was told I have a 6mm proteinaceous and / or hemorrhagic

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I was told I have a 6mm proteinaceous and / or hemorrhagic kidney cyst and was told to have it rechecked in 6mon. I did and it is now 1.4 cm. but they say it is the same thing and want me to go back in 3 mon for another check . they have done both ct and ultrsound. Is this a simple of complex cyst? should I be not doing anything?

Hi, Welcome to just answer.

So the cyst has increased in size from 6mm to 1.4 cm?

Can you type me the CT scan or USG report briefly?

What is your age?

I'm still online to answer your queries after you send me this info.
Customer: replied 8 years ago.

There nia questionable visualization of an area of decreased echogenicity along the medial aspect of the right kidney superiorly first mesuring 6mm noe 6months latr 1.4 cm . When correlating both findings the area of visualization likely represents small proteinaceous and /or hemorrhagic cyst. Other possibilitied unlikly. There is no evidence od hydronephrosis to suggest obstructive uropathy on eather side. No obious bladder mass. Ureteral jets are noted bilaterally. Prostate glad appears to be midly enlarged.

The follow-up said the same thing 6 month later. The only change was the groth of the cyst. They want me to go for a check again in Oct. Why can't they tell if this is a simple cyst or complex. Why are they not sending me to a nephrologist. can this turn into canser. Should I go to a nephrologist now?

Thank you for sensing me the report. For your knowledge, i will tell you the difference between a simple and complex cyst.
Simple cysts are small, appears round, spherical or oval in shape with smooth and thin wall. Usually, simple renal cysts are harmless and asymptomatic without any clinical implications.

Simple renal cysts are called hyperdense, if there is presence of blood on the walls of the cysts.

In the complex type, the cysts are characterized by irregularities in the wall lining. Complex renal cysts may have septations (walls within the same cyst), calcifications (deposition of calcium) and enhancements (a part of the cysts receives blood supply).

The size of 1.4 cm and hemorrhagic nature of the cyst (containing blood ) may be a simple one if there are no other findings like septations / calcifications / enhancement (after contrast administration on a CT scan).

So, size is not the only criteria for terming a cyst as complex. As there is no other change besides the size, it is unlikely to be a cancerous cyst. The doctors are simply doing a follow-up examination to make sure that you are not being over-treated or mis diagnosed.You can request your doctor to refer you to a nephrologist now.

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Customer: replied 8 years ago.
They did both an ultrasound and a ct examination. The follow up was a ct scan only. Because there was no mention of septations/calcifications or enhancement after the ct scan on both my reports why is it getting larger and is that by itself bad?
Hello, cysts are lined by secretory epithelium which secrete fluids that fill up the cyst. The fluid may be protenecious but sometimes it can contain blood, even in simple cysts. In this way the cyst may slowly grow in size. It is common to have simple cysts in people 50 yrs or above and they generally donot need treatment.

Simple cysts can be very small but can be upto 10 cm in size. Treatment in simple cyst is only indicated if there are symptoms like flank pain, blood in urine etc. So, even if the cyst is getting bigger in your case immediate treatment is not necessary and it is not dangerous.

In case of symptoms, it can usually be treated by a radiologist who can perform aspiration and sclerosis of the simple kidney cyst under radiographic guidance with ultrasound or CT scanning. Aspiration is defined as placing a needle through the skin to suck out the fluid in the cyst with a needle. Sclerosis is then performed. Sclerosis means that the radiologist will inject some material to “sclerose” (scar down) the space in the cyst.

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