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I had a seizure and was in a drug-induced coma for over 60

Resolved Question:

Hi, I had a seizure and was in a drug-induced coma for over 60 days. 30 days rehab after and had to relearn how to walk, talk. My hippocampus shrank 50% and that caused severe memory loss. After I woke up from my coma, I had severe scoliosis and my spine was curved over 50%. I had to have back surgery otherwise the doctor said it would worsen. I also suffer from severe muscle spasms. I can't even hug my children without getting one and taking a shower is torture. Has anyone heard of all these conditions? I am currently on Depakote, Keppra, Baclofin, and Lyrica.
Thank you so much!
Submitted: 8 years ago.
Category: Medical
Expert:  Dr. Cameron replied 8 years ago.
Why did you have the seizure in the first place? Any other medical problems or medications?
Customer: replied 8 years ago.
That's a question that no one can answer since I was the HEALTHIEST in my family. I exercised for 1 hour daily on my elliptical machine. No one in my huge family every had a history of having seizures. My family suspected my ex of giving me something since I have a life insurance policy of 1 million dollars and he called them only 1 week after I was in the hospital since he was the beneficiary. He also rarely visited me and threw parties at the house during my illness (my cousins were there to babysit my kids) so they saw his behavior which was odd. I did have a 103.5 fever and instead of taking me to a good hospital next to his work, he took me to a small hospital and that's where I suffered a grand-mal.
Expert:  Dr. Cameron replied 8 years ago.
Hmmm. I am so sorry this happened to you. Well, you were in a coma for a loong time. 60 days is a lot. A tremendous amount of change can occur in the body when it is immobilised for such a length of time. In particular, you get an incredible amount of bony and muscle loss. As well, we do not even know what your ex gave you. It is certainly possible that you had a very bad viral illness- such as a meningitis or encephalitis which may account for the seizure. But it is also possible that he poisoned you- and unless they specifically test for the poison, they will never know what it was.
Now if you were in a drug induced coma, it is likely that you were still having seizures during this time frame- whenever you have seizures for a lengthy period of time, it can cause some brain damage- this would account for the loss of brain mass in the hippocampus. As well, you could have damage in the motor and sensory cortex and thalamus of the brain (similar to the plaques which occur in multiple sclerosis patients)- so you could have unusual pain sensation and muscle spasms. The curvature of the spine can be accounted for by concurrent bony loss from immobilization and muscle spasms. Another possibility for your symptoms, would be tetanus. I don't know how you presented with the seizure- but the fever and spasms of tetanus (and even polio) could be mistaken for a regular seizure disorder and untreated can leave you with loss in the hippocampus and contractures.

Warm regards

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