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My 14-year old daughter has had intermittent dizziness with

Resolved Question:

My 14-year old daughter has had intermittent dizziness with associated nausea for the past 3 days. She does not have any signs of a cold and no ear stuffiness or pain. What could be causing this and is there anything I could give her for the dizziness?
Submitted: 8 years ago.
Category: Medical
Expert:  Dr. B. replied 8 years ago.
does she have any fever?
does she have headache?
Has she started having menstraul period?if yes,is she having heavy periods?
does the dizziness increase on moving the head?
does the dizziness increases on standing?
any history of recent infection?
has the child growing like other normal children?
has she been diagnosed with any medical condition?
is she on any medications?
any history of fever?
Customer: replied 8 years ago.

No fever

No headache

Normal periods

Yes increase when moving head

Yes increas on standing

No recent infection

Growing normal

No medical conditions

Medication - cephalexen to treat acne - on it for 6 months

No history of fever

She did indicate her ears feel a little stuffy but no ear pain

Expert:  Dr. B. replied 8 years ago.

Welcome to just answer.

I am sorry to know about your daughter condition.

Now looking at her age,symptoms of dizziness which increases on head movement and nausea,there is a possibility that she might be having benign positional vertigo,which also presents with similar symptoms,ask the physician to do dix-halpike maneuver to rule it out.If confirmed ,it is treated with positional maneuvers.

Other possibility could low blood pressure(hypotension) as you mentioned that blood pressure increases on standing,so ask your daughter`s physician to check her blood pressure on standing and sitting position.If there is fall of >20mmHg systolic blood pressure,you got your diagnosis.
Now other possibility could be undiagnosed ear infection which also may cause similar symptoms,and as you mentioned she does feel that her ear are stuffy so ask her physician to do ear examination to rule it out,as it is most common cause at this age.

Now looking at your daughters age,symptoms,malignancy is less likely thought it may also cause dizziness and vomiting but always better to rule it out by MRI brain,just to be on safe side.
Other possibility at this age,with no fever,no headache,no recent infection ,is less likely.

Always ask if you need clarification/more information.Please click ACCEPT button to get my credit.POSITIVE feedback& BONUS are warmly appreciated. Please note that answer is for information only. It can't be a substitute to visit the doctor.
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