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I have 100.8 fever, chills a little, and my body aches. Not

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I have 100.8 fever, chills a little, and my body aches. Not really alot just a slight aching with a slight headache around my sinus cavity and my temples. I have not thrown up and do not have diahrea.   When I am under my covers I do sweat a bit in my legs but not my torso.   I have been in the sun alot the last three or four days and when this came on me this early afternoon I was in the sun. I have a sun burn on my face and the back of my neck and arms but not a bad sunburn. I do not have any significant pains anywhere, just an all over one.
This could be due to heat exhaustion. This is the mechanism of your body to react to overheating. You should drink cold fluids like 'getorade', some energy drinks, take rest, should not go outside in the sun. Can take some analgetic like tylenol, once for pain. If these measures dont help, or the condition worsens should immediately contact the hospital nearest to you, but hopefully these measures should help.
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