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Dr Bhumika
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I have what i call a breathing hiccup. All of a sudden

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I have what i call a breathing hiccup. All of a sudden without warning,i will take a sudden breath. This started approximately 1 week after i finished radiation treatment after my lumpectomy for breast cancer. My doctors assure me it is unrelated. Can you offer me some explanation and what direction i should go in to remedy this. I have already had a pulmonary funtion test which came back normal. Thank-you!

It seems that the you are having spasm of the diaphragm. This may or may not be related to the radiation treatment that you received. There can be many reasons for this:

- Abdominal surgery
- Any disease or disorder that irritates the nerves that control the diaphragm (such as pleurisy or pneumonia)
- Hot and spicy foods or liquids
- Noxious fumes
- Stroke or tumor affecting the "hiccup center" in the brain
- There may be no obvious cause for hiccups in some cases

To treat persistent hiccups, the health care provider may perform gastric lavage or massage of the carotid sinus in the neck. THIS MUST BE DONE BY THE HEALTH CARE PROVIDER ONLY. DO NOT ATTEMPT IT YOURSELF.

Meds include:
1. phenothiazine (especially chlorpromazine),
2. baclofen,
3. Tube insertion (nasogastric intubation) may also provide relief.

Hope this helped. Let me know if you have any questions.

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Customer: replied 8 years ago.
I need to explain better. I do not have the "hiccups". This is sudden intake of air that i have no control over. It lasts about 2 seconds and then i'm breathing normally. It occurs randomly throughout the day,and has been a daily occurance for a year. Thanks!
Customer: replied 8 years ago.
Let me try again. I do not have "hiccups". This is a suddent intake of air that last about 2 seconds and then i am breathing normally. It occurs randomly throughout the day and has been a daily occurance for a year. Could you please let me know if you get this additional information? Thank-you
Hi, I understand this as I have seen it myself in other patients. This is a solitary spasm and is not continuous and repetitive like a usual hiccup event. Nonetheless, it is a spasm of the diaphragm and is involuntary (you have no control over it) - which puts it next to a hiccup but not quite it. Nonetheless, patients are often helped by simple maneuvers such as deep breathing exercises. Smoking, active or passive and being overweight are additional triggers which one understands must be omitted. The above meds are necessary only after you have practiced these measures. Let me know if I can be of further help. Please click ACCEPT to help me get the dues.
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