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I have the following concern, although it might sound kind

Resolved Question:

I have the following concern, although it might sound kind of paranoid. I bathed ( I mean my whole body) today with somebody's else liquid soap. Now I don't whose liquid soap is...this is how it happened: there's a gym in the building I work. I worked out today and I usually shower right after in the locker room. Today, I forgot to bring my liquid soap, shampoo, etc. Next thing, I step into the shower and I noticed this liquid soap someone had left behind, so I used it. The soap seemed good. An hour later on my way home, I was driving, then all of sudden I had this thought " I USED SOMEBODY'S ELSE LIQUID SOAP." My question is: should I be alarmed if I got contaminated with any chemical or biological substance? should I be alarmed If I got something? I feel fine and I checked my whole body thoroughly in order to find anything strange, so far my body seems fine.
Submitted: 8 years ago.
Category: Medical
Expert:  MasterDoc replied 8 years ago.
I would NOT worry about this at all. There are very few powerful toxins absorbable through the skin and the few I can think of act quickly. And the odds on someone intentionally putting something in a random bottle and leaving it for a random person? You wouldn't worry about a random food person in the supermarket would you? And that is something you are actually ingesting!
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