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My husband is a diabetic,he was dignosed with kidney damange

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My husband is a diabetic,he was dignosed with kidney damange from glyburide-metformin.ct-scan shows kidneys are fine,but he`s anemia and they want to start procrit injection, and I`am afraid of the injection.
Could you tell me what in particular makes you fearful of the procrit injection?
Customer: replied 8 years ago.
he has had by pass surgery and some breathing problems ,he `s also anover the road driver and alone all the time. I have read the infomation on procrit and it frighten me.
I agree that procrit is a potent drug. However, it is not particularly worse than many other drugs. Tylenol can cause liver failure; I have seen patients die from it. Motrin can cause intestinal bleeding; I have seen people die from that. You husband must be significantly anemic. Severe anemia causes the heart to work harder; this can weaken his heart and give him a heart attack over time (among many other problems). Do not let a list of POSSIBLE side effects off the internet deter you from having your husband take needed medication.
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