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I am randomly throwing up and feeling nauseated

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I'm randomly getting sick. Like throwing up and feeling nauseated. A couple of weeks ago I was getting nauseous around 3 o'clock everyday. Please help!!


There may be different potential causes of nausea. That being said I would recommend that you start treating yourself along the lines of first assuming that it has to do with irritation of the stomach lining. This by far will be the most common reason for nausea. Diffuse irritation of the stomach lining is known as gastritis. A focal irritation may be an ulcer. Sometimes nausea is the only symptom from these conditions.

Along the lines of first assuming that it may be gastritis or an ulcer I would recommend that you take Prilosec 20 mg a day. Also avoid acidic or irritating substances>>> citrus fruits, tomatoes, foods with tomato sauce, onions, peppers, hot spicy foods, coffee, alcoholic drinks, anti-inflammatory meds (aspirin, Aleve, Advil) (Tylenol OK). If you take these steps for six weeks then this may clear up the problem. You can probably later be more liberal in your diet and stop the Prilosec once the stomach lining heals.

I still recommend that you see a doctor with regard to this nausea. If it is gastritis or an ulcer then it may be related to a stomach infection of H. Pylori. This can be detected with a blood test. It is also possible that something else is causing the nausea. It could be inflammation of the liver. It could be a kidney infection. Pregnancy can produce nausea. These are a few of the more common examples but the potential list is longer. So I recommend that you make an appointment with your doctor but start with the assumption that it relates to your stomach.

I hope this information helps. Follow up questions are welcome if you have any.

Customer: replied 8 years ago.

I have a gut instinct that I might be pregnant, and that's the cause of my nausea, but I've had my period since the last time I had unprotected sex. Is there still a chance that I could be pregnant? I can't sleep on my stomach and it's getting tight near where my ovaries are...

Hello again!

If you suspect pregnancy may be possible then test and check it out. If you had a normal period since the last time you had unprotected sex then it sounds unlikely. Sometimes women are fooled by the implantation bleeding which typically is lighter than a normal period. Also more recent intercourse with a condom if the condom ruptured might allow you to be pregnant. I would check a pregnancy test to be sure. Otherwise the above advice I would stand by.

I hope this helps. Further questions are welcome if you have any.

Customer: replied 8 years ago.

Thanks a lot! Do you know of any best home pregnancy tests that will show up almost 100% accurate? I know they won't be completely, but just one that is most accurate and would tell me if I should go get a test done at my doctor...


I recommend the one with the digital readout. I blank on the name of this one but it should be obvious by the picture on the box. This one is accurate as any and is less likely to be misread. It is best to use the first urine of the AM as this is the most concentrated. The most common error in reading these tests is failing to closely watch the time to read the test. Most of the tests are read at about 5 minutes but if left too long may look weakly positive even when they are not. So take care to follow the directions , especially WHEN to read the test.

I hope this helps.

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Customer: replied 8 years ago.

Thanks! You've helped a lot!!

You are welcome!

Good Luck