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MasterDoc, Doctor
Category: Medical
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Experience:  20 years of experience as an Emergency Physician; board certified in Emergency Medicine
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I was wondering if you would have high blood pressure DURING

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I was wondering if you would have high blood pressure DURING a heart attack. i woke up with these chest pains. Last night was my 21st birthday, so i did get pretty slammed. could the alcohol be causing discomfort. Last week, i was in the hospital THREE different days for chest pain. ALL three times they did an EKG, cardiac enzymes and Chest Xray. ALL three times everything looked normal. Nothing wrong. I have no health problems other than a sinus infection right now, no family Hx of heart disease or attack besides my grandpa on my dad's side had one at 50, but that is it. My BP is 133/69. I am really worried AGAIN, and i don't want to go back to the hospital hence being there three different days in ONE week. please help e im a nervous wreck
Do you drink a lot?
Customer: replied 8 years ago.
no excessive amounts no. i have a couple glasses of wine with dinner, and after, but that's it. i come from a large italian family. i never drink to get drunk. last night it was just my birthday.
Customer: replied 8 years ago.
Also i suffer from high anxiety and panic disorder
Did you do any substance other than alcohol? Do you tale anything for the anxiety or panic disorder?
Customer: replied 8 years ago.
HECK NO. i know you have to ask, but i'm WAY do paranoid to even think about doing cocaine or other things that affect the heart. i don't even like being drunk, it just happened yesterday. i hate the feeling, i was very sick from it last night. but no, no drugs or other substances.
Do you take any meds for the anxiety or panic disorder?
Customer: replied 8 years ago.
no, i have ativan 1mg, but i don't like how it makes me feel, so i don't take it.
Alyssa: I note that you are an EMT so I will speak to you very directly. I have reviewed your prior posts here on JA. You have spent almost $600 in the last month alone getting reassurance regarding medical questions such as possible DVT, chest pain, mushroom allergy etc. While certainly sometimes such reassurance can be helpful, it seems increasing clear to me that your primary problem is the anxiety issue. I HOPE you are seeing a therapist regularly for this. If not, you definitely should be!
In addition, you may need something for anxiety that you WILL take.
To answer your specific question, a heart attack can present with ANY blood pressure (high, low or normal). But that does NOT seem to me to be your appropriate primary concern.
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Feel free to ask a follow-up question.
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Customer: replied 8 years ago.
i know i have bad anxiety. only about health issues. i can't work because of it. i could tell you everything in the book about the EMS field. i know that i am not having a heart attack but it feels VERY real to me. i talk to someone EVERY week about this. NOTHING helps it. EVER. the reassurence helps. whether it's you or a doctor at a hospital. and it doesn't help me to be like that because i know it FEED into my anxiety problem. but right now i am very uncomfortable. VERY. i'm almost at a 10.
Well given THREE negative evaluations for chest pain this past week alone it would seem that it is extraordinarily unlikely (but never impossible) that this pain is due to a dangerous medical condition. If you feel going to an Emergency Department again would provide relief of the pain then you should go. But you need to discuss with your therapist the frequency of times you are seeking reassurance regarding medical issues (both from here and from the Emergency Department) and work aggressively towards resolution of this problem.
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MasterDoc, Doctor
Category: Medical
Satisfied Customers: 1611
Experience: 20 years of experience as an Emergency Physician; board certified in Emergency Medicine
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Customer: replied 8 years ago.
thank you and i appreciate you being honest and up front with me. i know i have issues. some BIG ones, but it's not like i WANT to be this way. i HATE it. i can't work, can't sleep can't function normally. i always think there is something wrong. thanks again for your help.
You are very welcome. Psychiatric issues are NOT something people have because they WANT them!
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