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I have a rash on my stomach. it is itchy, red, raised, and

Resolved Question:

i have a rash on my stomach. it is itchy, red, raised, and rough feeling. it has some white spots on it but not much. it urts at times. what kind of rash is it and do i need antibiotics
Submitted: 8 years ago.
Category: Medical
Expert:  doctornihil replied 8 years ago.
It sounds you may be having atopic dermatitis or 'eczema'.
Please keep the area clean.
You can apply hydrocortisone 1% cream overt the counter, which usually hlps.
In case it failes to resolve in next few days, you may need more potent steroid cream.
If it spreads in spite of using steroid cream, then please stop using the cream & see a dermatologist for skin scraping & testing under microscope to rule out infection.
Customer: replied 8 years ago.
you can get eczema at anytime in your life? how do you get it and why would it be now? are you sure it doesn't have to do with sun exposure or anything like that? if it is eczema will i have it for the rest of my life? and is it possible for it to be shingles if it's on my stomach or can you only get shingles on your back. because i have already had shingles
Expert:  doctornihil replied 8 years ago.
Ok, I will try to answer your questions in order below: <br />1. Yes, you can get eczema any time in your life. <br />2. The mechanism is mostly unknown, but likely due to inflammatory reactions triggered by substances like histamine etc. <br />3. Sun exposure can give rise to 'heat rash' which is again a type of allergic reaction ( 'commonly called' eczema'). <br />4. Regarding, you should know how shingles look like since you already had it. <br />As per your descriptions, it is unlikely due to absence of vesicles ( fluid filled cysts. Shingles can appear in your back or front along the dermaromal distribution ( along the course of nerves, therefore, very painful). <br />I hope I answered your questions satisfactorily.
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