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I have an itchy rash on my vagina lips. I feel fine, no fever,

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I have an itchy rash on my vagina lips. I feel fine, no fever, no pain. What can the cause be? The rash is all around my v lips and not inside my vagina as far as i can tell.
This may be a vaginal yeast infection caused by candida. You can try to treat this with over-the-counter medications purchased at your local drug or grocery store. If it does not improve, you may want to have your Ob/Gyn take a look to make sure you do not have a contact dermatitis or other problem causing this itchy rash.

Best of luck. I hope this information is helpful. If you have further questions, please feel free to ask.
Customer: replied 8 years ago.

I have had a yeast infection over a year ago, and i dont recall it being like this. The rash seems to be growing into big bumps and it is very itchy. could this be an STD??

The bumps are concerning as occasionally herpes is itchy before you can see the outbreak. Other STDs similarly can have a bit of an itchy sensation prior to the full breakout. If you are concerned about an STD (recent unprotected intercourse, for example), I would highly recommend having an evaluation by your OB/Gyn or other qualified doctor.

Even if this is not like your previuos yeast infection, it still could be yeast.

Regardless, I think you would benefit from an examination. Good luck to you and be healthy.
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