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I suddenly started slurring my words. (out of the blue) I

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I suddenly started slurring my words. (out of the blue) I fell 2 1/2 months ago on my back and could not get up for 145 minutes. They finally me diagnosed a torn off the bone hamstring.
I just went to Hawaii and wore a halter top bikini which was tight around my neck which coincided with my slurred speech .My question is could I have broken my neck and not had it diagnnosed?


Slurring your words all of a sudden is not a good sign - you are probably have a TIA (transient ischemic attact or a stroke) - you really should be seen by the emergency department because you might need some medication such as TPA. And yes, you could have a broken neck and not know about it - again - this could be an "unstable" fracture - and I HIGHLY recommend you getting seen. Take care.

Customer: replied 8 years ago.
I had an Mri with contrast, cat scan, blood work, spinal tap. They said I did not have a stroke. They could not figure out what was wrong with me and called it viral mennengitus. My question is if I had an unstable neck would that cause slurred speech? They also ruled out Ms. I am only 46, and scared out of my mind.
Your neck - if unstable - can impinge on your nerves and possibly the blood supply too! Honestly, YOU CAN NOT rule out a TIA from the exams you had - my other suggestion too is to get an appointment with a neurologist to possibly get an EEG. I hope this helps, take care.
Customer: replied 8 years ago.
Is Tia reversible? How soon should I see a neuroligist. They can't see me until July 6th. Also what is an EEg? Thank you for your help, my general has not called me back yet. I am trying to get an appointment today. I have had slurred speech for 6 days now.. Also can viral mennengitus cause slurred speech?
TIA's ARE reversible - but there should a reason for this - such as intermittant blockage in your carotid arteries - so a visit to the neurologist and/or vascular should be appropriate.
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