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I break out in cold sweats and I in a air condition room. I

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I break out in cold sweats and I in a air condition room. I fell weak all over like it take everything i have to walk to another room I only 53y/o
whats your gender?
are you diagnosed with any disease?
are you on any medications?
any history of fever?
any history of palpitations?
Customer: replied 8 years ago.

female htn



quinine sulfate

no fever

but this week i was out side and got very overheated and i had heart palpitation i had a EKG test today it was normal


Thanks for answering my questions,I really appreciate that.

Now looking at your age and gender there is a possibility that you are having cold sweats most likely due to menopausal symptoms,you can ask your physician to check for serum fsh and lh.

Other possibility could be thyroid problems as that may also cause similar symptoms like sweating in cold room,as hyperthyroidism increases the basal metabolic rate and leads to these symptoms.Ask your physician to do thyroid stimulating hormone to rule this possibility.

There is also data suggesting that quinine sulfate can also symptoms like yours so you should also talk to physician about this possibility,if required switch to other medication.One of the possibility at your age could be arrhythmia as you do have history of high blood pressure and that does present with similar symptoms,but as you mentioned ekg was normal so that is low in out list.Still if possible ask your physician to do holter monitor.

Always ask if you need clarification/more information.Please click ACCEPT button to get my credit.POSITIVE feedback& BONUS are warmly appreciated. Please note that answer is for information only. It can't be a substitute to visit the doctor.
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