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Lingular Tonsils PET SCAN

Customer Question

I had a pet scan done.. it showed tumor FDG on base of tonue (lingular tonsils) I was sent to ENT Specialist. He read my results and looked at the the lingular tonsils he examined it and touched it and said that it looked larger than normal but he said that he belives that it is alright.

Then i went for another opinion to another ENT doctor to look over results and he examined it closely and look at it he ask my why did i do a Pet Scan . He told me that PET SCANS are not truy accurate. He said some lingular tonsils are bigger than others. Also he looked at it again... he told be that he belives all is well. He said that if i would of looked at it without the PET SCAN results he would of sent me home saying all is well. He said for my piece of mind he is scheduling a biopsy.

Now, Do doctors know what are they looking for when looking at this? is it suppose to be hard and ulcerated or change in color?
Submitted: 8 years ago.
Category: Medical
Expert:  Dr Singh replied 8 years ago.
Your doctor can tell based on the appearance of the tonsil, if it looks suspicious of cancer. Sometimes they are extra cautious and would rely on tests before reassuring the patient. Often specialists like an ENT who have lot of experience can tell without too many tests if the lesion is suspicious.

Since two specialists have examined your tonsils and they do not seem to be too concerned, I wouldn't worry about it too much. Generally a lingual tonsil is not supposed to be hard or ulcerated, but in case of an infection or inflammation they may become inflamed can show these charateristics. A tumor can also cause this, but it is a less common cause. Also the size of the tonsil is very significantly enlarged before it ulcerates or change in color, in case of tumor. Surrounding lymph nodes may also be involved. A biopsy will tell for sure if this is a tumor or just inflammation.