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can you get food in your lungs i was eating sunflower seeds

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can you get food in your lungs?? i was eating sunflower seeds and one got caught in the back of my throat for a second, i didn't cough or anything, and then it went down, but i don't know which pipe it went down. please help i am nervous it went into my lung



It is possible to aspirate food into the windpipe at times. I doubt this is the case with you. You would probably be very uncomfortable and coughing your head off if you had a sunflower seed into your bronchial tree. If you have any suspicious symptoms then you can get it checked out.(I've known of cases where a person swallowed their on tooth) If you have no discomfort and no unusual cough then I think it is very unlikely that you aspirated the seed.


I hope this information helps. Follow up questions are welcome if you have any.


Best Regards,


Anthony Bray MD

Customer: replied 8 years ago.
what happens if you do aspirate it?? do you need surgery? is it dangerous?



Potentially dangerous. If you did aspirate an object such as a seed then a pulmonologist would do a bronchoscopy and retrieve the object out. As I said if you feel comfortable and not coughing then I doubt you aspirated. If you aspirated an object then it could be a set up for an aspiration pneumonia as one potential complication.


I hope this helps. Further questions are welcome if you have any.


Best regards,


Anthony Bray MD

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