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I have a severe stabbing pain between my eyebrows. It

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I have a severe stabbing pain between my eyebrows. It started on a descent from a plane this afternoon, then stopped. It is happening again right now (5 hours later). It is a shooting pain that literally feels like somebody is stabbing me between my eyebrows.
Have you been congested?
Any other medical problems or medications?
Customer: replied 8 years ago.
Have not been congested, but have a long term sinus problem from maxilofacial surgery. The packing went into my sinus cavity 18 years ago. Wake up clogged up.
Which sinuses did you have surgery on?
Customer: replied 8 years ago.

Had surgery on gums and dentist accidentally put packing on left sinuses...have had severe pain on airplanes on this side between cheek bones and nose, but never between eyebrows

Could this be sinus pain?

this sounds like sinus pain. You have frontal sinuses right between your eyebrows with drain into your nose. These often become painful during severe sinus congestion or in infection, like sinusitis.
There must some fluid blocking the exit of the sinuses which is cauing the pressure and pain (similar during the conditions as above).
I would advise taking a good decongestant- you can take pseudoephedrine if you are young than 50 and have no high blood pressure (or contra-indicationss). Or you can take phenylephrine- unless otherwise conta-indicated. If you have a prescription nasal decongestant, use it. In the meantime, take motrin and tylenol for pain as directed.

If you develop significantly worsening pain, fever, visual changes, vomiting or other concerning symptoms, go to the ER.

best wishes

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