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What would cause the legs to leak water to the point they

Resolved Question:

What would cause the legs to leak water to the point they have to be bandaged
Submitted: 8 years ago.
Category: Medical
Expert:  Anthony Bray, MD replied 8 years ago.


There are three main potential causes of this severe of swelling or edema of the legs. One possibility would be severe venous insufficieny. This where the deep veins of the legs have weakened leaky valves. They normally prevent backflow of blood back down the leg. If they are leaky/failing then there is increased back pressure on the blood vessels/capillaries in the lower legs and feet. The increased pressure causes these vessels to leak fluid into the tissue of the legs and feet. It tends to be worse with standing. Walking is not as bad as standing still because using the muscles of the legs helps to push the blood upward. If you sit with your legs down then this is going to make matters worse. If this is the cause of your problem then avoid prolonged standing. When you sit try to elevate your legs.Put them up on the couch for example.Pressure stockings to the mid-knee can help to put counter-pressure on the lower legs and reduces the tendency for the vessels to leak as much.

A second possible cause of the edema or swelling could be your kidneys. If your kidneys are not operating at near their healthy capacity then your blood pressure may be high for one thing and you will not eliminate salts and fluids as you should. In this case your blood pressure,kidney function and blood salts would need to be monitored by your doctor and you would probably start treatment a diuretic (or fluid pill) as people often call them.

A third possible cause of the problem could be heart failure.For this you would need to be carefully evaluated and treatment would probably include a diuretic but other meds and /or treatments as well.

You need to be checked by your doctor to help determine the cause and a treatment plan. Don't just let it go!

I hope this information helps. follow up questions are welcome if you have any.

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Anthony Bray MD

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