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they became infrequent..PVC it is a feeling in my throat..sensation

Resolved Question:

I have had PVCs in the past and at one time had frequent PVCs and after a physical it was determined that a level of stress that was beyond my normal everyday stress level was the reason. After about 6 weeks they became infrequent and now 3 years later I have a "skipped beat feeling, but it is not like the compensatory pause of a PVC it is a feeling in my throat. I am an RN in an Emergency Room and it seems anxiety provokes this sensation but I cannot capture it on a monitor. It seems to be grouped with 10-12 over a 3 minute period up to 3 times a day . Could this be PACs? I am now going through menopause and am 54 and have not had a period in 3 mos.
Submitted: 8 years ago.
Category: Medical
Expert:  MasterDoc replied 8 years ago.
PAC's, unlike PVC's, are usually a sign of a medical problem rather than just a random thing that happens to some people. Realistically, there is usually no subjective sensation difference between the two so these may just be more PVC's. Rather than try to catch them on a monitor in the ED I would recommend you get a 24 hour holter monitor. I did that for my palpatations which allowed them to diagnose me as having (benign) PVC's without any trouble.
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