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Have blood pressure problems am 58 year old female, average

Resolved Question:

Have blood pressure problems am 58 year old female, average bp 178/124; last week had 2 episodes of feeling as though a hot poker was running from my neck to the back of my head, both episodes were at a funeral, very scary
Submitted: 8 years ago.
Category: Medical
Expert:  Anthony Bray, MD replied 8 years ago.


You should measure a series of blood pressure readings. When you check your blood pressure you should be seated and at rest for 5 minutes. Do some AM and some PM readings. If your average is in the range of 178/124 then you need to be on medication if you are not already and you need to have the meds adjusted if this average is on medication. Make a follow up appointment with your doctor soon.

Watch to reduce your sodium content in your diet. (Sea salt is a mix of sodium chloride and potassium chloride) (Salt substitiute is usually potassium chloride) Reducing your sodium content in your diet should help some.

For now go for daily walks if this is possible. In the long run regular exercise will help to control your blood pressure but you do not want to start anything too vigorous right now.

In the long run you need to control your average blood pressure to an average of 140/90 at least and a little lower would be healthier for you.(within the normal range each 20 point drop in your systolic average and each 10 point drop in your diastolic average will help reduce your relative risk of heart attack or stroke by 50 % over time.) (in other words 180/120 would have twice the risk of 160/110 which would run twice the relative risk of 150/100 and so on)

If your blood pressure remains hard to control with even two to three meds on board then you may need to have the arterial blood flow to your kidneys checked. This problem of renal artery stenosis can cause resistent hypertension and is more common in women.

I hope this information helps some. Follow up questions are welcome if you have any.

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Anthony Bray MD

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