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On my big toenail it is turning starting at the base growing

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On my big toenail it is turning white starting at the base growing up. it is rough not smooth at all and on the other edge it is black. Once in a while there is a slight pain more like a setal throb. I am 60 yrs old diabetic, type 2 insulin dependant.
Given your diabetic history, I would be concerned about the possibility of a local infection, or even early onset gangrene (diabetic foot)
I would advise early evaluation by your PCP for the same.
A local fungal infection is a less likely and a less serious cause for the same,
Customer: replied 8 years ago.
What is PCP? Early onset Gangrene? The toe doesn't have any cuts or sores it is the toenail that is discolored, no pain involved. Nothing is rotting so how can it be Gangrene? So you don't think it is a fungal infection?
I will contact my Doctor just wanted to know what it is or an idea what it is.
PCP is primary care physician - I apologize for the acronym,
In diabetics decreased blood supply along with neuropathy can lead to dry gangrene without significant pain. However this would need to be confirmed by a physical examination.
I have mentioned a fungal infection as a possibility.
I agree with you that contacting a doctor at the earliest is a good idea,
Warm regards
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